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About us

About us

Hi, we are Jana & Fabian

…and we are taking a ride on the wild side!

We are glad you made it this far and we look forward to taking you with us for the journey. If you have any questions, please contact us below and if you have feedback on what we are doing here – even better!

This blog is about vanlife, travels & of course adventure! Our focus is to inspire you, give you relevant advice and tell you about everything you need to know if you want to go on a similar adventure. We are here to answer all your questions and we would love to encourage the exchange within the community of likeminded people!

So let me introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about the two faces behind this vanlife & travel blog.

We are a thirty-something German couple from Berlin (who cares about numbers!) quit our well-paid management jobs and spent 6 months converting an old rusty van into our dream home called Fritz. In April, we started our journey from LA along the Panamericana. So far, it has been a blast! We enjoy every minute of it, cherish all the great places we see and are completely inspired by so many great individuals we meet on the way. It is not always easy and #vanlife is not just a form of transportation, that conveniently allows you to have your bed with you at all times, it is a form of living that can and should be inspiring to so many of us! For us, it is about taking that detour, going to that place that everybody said we shouldn’t go to and stay for a while in places that don’t seem to offer that much at first sight. If you take it slowly (and we sort of have to, because Fritz is slow), you might be surprised what you find behind that next corner!

As we are social people, and we enjoy sharing our stories & experiences, we started this blog. It’s mainly my voice, so don’t get confused if I switch between “me” and “us” all the time. Some things will be my very personal view (which Fabian is not allowed to criticize, of course!) and others will be our shared experiences. But don’t think Fabi is lazy! He is just way better at Marketing than I am, so he will take care of getting the content out to you people, while I will try my best to write about our experiences.

Come and join us on this incredible journey!

Fritz, Fabi & Jana