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Join us for a ride on the wild side! Our focus is to inspire you, give you relevant advice on vanlife and travelling and tell you about everything you need to know if you are thinking about doing something similar. If we can do it, you can do it as well! We left behind our careers, gave up our apartment and sold most of our possessions to pursue a life less ordinary, full of adventure with time to do the things we love. Have we figured it all out? Of course not! But by documenting our experiences, we hope to inspire you to pursue your dreams – whatever they might be. We try to keep it real and not only tell you about the great aspects of this lifestyle, but also to share our problems, worries and talk about those days that just suck. Because sometimes they just do. Just don’t get discouraged, it is all part of one great adventure. We are here to assure you exactly that, answer all your questions and we would love to encourage the exchange within the community of likeminded people!


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